Roselco – one of the leaders of electrical branches in realisations big projects reconstruction and building new power object electrotechnical equipment.

P1010881.JPGCompany strategy

Consists in working with each order individually. To solve successfully the unique problems of our clients we are carrying out the entire complex of jobs, including the inspection, designing, manufacturing complete delivery, erection commissioning and servicing the equipment.

Advanced technological decisions

Highly qualified scientists and engineers, who have much designing experience in the field of electrical technology, constitute the heart of the design department. The Company possesses a powerful investigative potential connected intimately with production process.

РАСПРЕДЕЛИТЕЛЬНЫЕ УСТРОЙСТВА 110 ÷ 220 кВModern production base and quality assurance

The high skill personnel and modern production equipment enable the Company to produce the electric conversion equipment, which meets the most stringent quality and reliability requirements. Through multi – level quality control system is adopted at our enterprise. Compliance with the latest world quality standards is confirmed certificate ISO 9001: 2008. 

Experience in realization of large projects

Over the last decade the Company has fulfilled several dozens of large – scale projects for construction of new power plants and modernization of the existing power facilities in the largest metallurgical plants of the country.


Now our company is ready to give you an offer about next equipment and services

D.C. power supply:

 rectifiers up to 50000A for platting, electrolyzers etc;
 high power rectifiers up to 150000A, 1500V for electrolyzers Al, Mn, Cl, Ni, Cu, Zn, grafitation uninterrupted; 
 d.c. high power supply systems up to 500000A, 1500V for electrolyzers Al, Mn, Cl, grafitation; 
 uninterrupted power supply systems. 

A.C. power supply systems up to 220kV:

 a.c. and d.c. drives and automated control systems for drives; 
 reconstruction of rolling mines; 
 equipment of mine host; 
 engineering services; 
 power connections: 
               ▪  flexibles and busbar systems up to 300000A; 
               ▪  innovation platting – Ni and modified Gallium.